Mobile Repair

We have the latest diagnostic equipment in order to provide our customers best chance of having high quality standard phone repairs.

  • Liquid Damage Treatment (water, tea, coffee, beer, chemicals
  • Speaker & Microphone Faults
  • Cracked LCD /LCD Problems
  • Slide & Flip Problems
  • Buttons / Keypads not working
  • Battery / Power Faults (not charging, battery depletion)
  • Software Problems (not loading up / handset crashing)
  • software Upgrade (faster processing, language change)
  • Charging Problems
  • Physical Damage (handset dropped, thrown, trod on, driven over)
  • Network Unlock / SIM Restriction Removal
  • Signal No Reception / Antenna Faults

Laptop & MacBook Repair

Many people buy a laptop or a MacBook rather than a desktop due to its convenience. Sometimes laptop computers can break down or malfunction, and need repair at the worst times.

Desktop Computer Repair

Experiencing the Blue Screen of Death on your computer? Is your PC not responding? Is it freezing or crashing? Do you have a virus that needs removing? Nothing is more frustrating than a computer that does not work properly.